Step 1: Assessment For Cloud Accounting Services

Once you sign up for our cloud accounting services, the first step is for your controller to perform a detailed assessment of your current accounting file to identify any errors, missing transactions, and/or catch-up work that needs to be performed.

We have a detailed assessment that will answer the following questions:

Is your company’s bookkeeping up to date?
Are the bank accounts reconciled?
Are you missing transactions in your accounts?
Are you using a proper Chart of Accounts?
Which online accounting software is best for your company?

Step 2: Kick-off Meeting

Next, we’ll schedule a kick-off meeting with your Greencloud Accounting team. The purpose is to discuss the status of your bookkeeping and business processes to determine the most cost-effective and beneficial setup and ongoing services for your company.

Together, we’ll answer the following questions:

How should I convert to online accounting software?
What accounting schedule is best for me?
How should I store my receipts?
How often do I want to communicate with my bookkeeper?

You’ll also receive a written assessment, which will summarize our team’s findings.

Step 3: Onboarding

Once we’ve come up with a plan, we can quickly and accurately set up or move your accounting system to the cloud. The process is managed through your Client Portal, where we can communicate easily, assign tasks, and securely share files.

Step 4: Ongoing Services

Once your setup is complete, your team will begin ongoing bookkeeping services. You can look forward to receiving your management report every month or quarter, or log on to your accounting system to see up-to date financials.

Bookkeeping Evaluation
New Business Start-Up Setup
File Conversion to QuickBooks Online or Xero
Standard Operating Procedure Manual

Monthly Bookkeeping

The entire onboarding process typically takes 2-3 weeks. After that, your bookkeeping is all taken care of. You will have access to your financials at any time and will receive a management report every quarter or month. You can get back to your business and rest assured the bookkeeping is taken care of.


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