Description of Services


Complete Cloud Bookkeeping Evaluation of Your Business

A Cloud Bookkeeping Evaluation is a thorough overview of your current accounting and bookkeeping processes – accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash receipts, payroll, financial reporting, etc. and the policies and procedures in place to support them.  We perform the evaluation by:

1)      Requesting various documents and files that are directly related to the accounting and bookkeeping function of your business.  This includes a copy of your accounting file, bank statements, invoices, payroll reports, etc.  (We provide you with complete instructions on what information is needed and how to easily provide us with that information.)

2)      Meeting with you over the phone or Skype to discuss your priority goals, challenges and gather information we will need to address your concerns and individualize your accounting solution.

3)      We then take that information and prepare a written report.

Bookkeeping Evaluation Report

You receive a written report of our findings that addresses your concerns, identifies existing challenges in your bookkeeping process and the current level of accuracy of your numbers.  The report also includes an explanation of what corrective actions are required to bring your books and records accurate and current.

60-Minute Consult to Discuss Findings & Recommendations

We meet over the phone or Skype to discuss our findings, the Bookkeeping Evaluation Report, answer any questions you may have and next steps.

Our Confidentiality Promise


Because of the nature of the business we are in and the services we provide, we are privy to sensitive information about the businesses we work with and it is of the utmost importance that we keep this information confidential at all times.  Our clients rely upon and trust us.  So what does this mean?  Specifically, that:

  • A client’s financial information is the property of the client and does not in any way, shape, or form belong to Green Cloud Accounting or the staff servicing your account.
  • We will not disclose, where it is lawful to do so, information disclosed to us during our working relationship without written consent.
  • We will immediately notify you if any such information is subpoenaed, where it is lawful to make such disclosure, in order to provide you with the opportunity to contest production.

§  Our responsibility to retain the confidentiality of a client’s financial information will terminate when the client makes the same information publicly available.

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