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Password Management Lastpass Green Cloud Accounting

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So many passwords for sensitive financial data accounting online.  Password management is here with LastPass!

The great thing about LastPass is that you only have one password to remember. You create and remember your master password, and LastPass does the rest. Generate strong, random, utterly-impossible-to-remember passwords, for every single one of your online accounts, and let LastPass manage them for you. “Set it and forget it,” as they say.

But when it comes to properly securing that precious vault, it’s very important that you use a strong master password. Although you’re protected by the many layers of encryption and security we put in place to keep your data safe, using a strong, unique master password will not only protect you from a brute-force attack but will also ensure that a breach at another random website won’t affect your LastPass account.

So what does it take to create a strong master password? Password management!

What you’re typically told:

Have you ever seen those overwhelmingly-long lists of password guidelines? They go something like this:

  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Use numbers
  • Use symbols
  • Use at least 8 characters
  • Don’t use words from a dictionary
  • Don’t use the same password twice
  • Don’t use personal information

While the advice itself is good, a password might still be weak even when it meets these requirements. For example, “Passw0rd123!” meets all of the above criteria. However, it’s a variation of the good old favorite “Password123”, and it’s been leaked in data breaches before. That means it will take no time at all for the bad guys to crack it.

A strong master password needs to be truly unique. You should never use your master password, or even a variation of it, for any other account or app.

A simple strategy for creating a memorable but difficult-to-crack master passwords is to use a passphrase.

What you should actually do:

A passphrase is a sequence of random words and characters strung together to create a password. The difference is that a passphrase is typically longer, with at least 20 to 30 characters. But by using a combination of words and/or characters that only make sense to you, it’s no trouble to remember it.

Creating a strong passphrase is easy. Check out these examples:





Notice how each of these is a fairly simple phrase. By stringing together a couple words we’ve created passwords that are pretty long, but also pretty random. Including a few symbols, numbers, or uppercase letters somewhere in the passphrase also increases its strength.

When you take into account the AES 256-bit encryption, a well-chosen phrase would take many, many lifetimes to crack.

How to Make a Strong Master Password

Enterprise Accounting Software Inventory Project Management AccountingSuite ERP

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Green Cloud Accounting is excited to partner with AccountingSuite for customers that need an affordable online ERP MRP enterprise accounting software bookkeeper service.  Their amazing software is built to scale and include a robust fully integrated inventory system and project management module…no add-on software needed!  Save money and use a better product to do your manufacturing, inventory-based or project accounting online.  Contact Us to get started on enterprise accounting ERP bookkeeping today!

To ensure the best integration with the accounting software, it is ideal that the inventory management system be built into the accounting application rather than an add-on. Additionally, if included, the cost savings are exponential. The basic features of an efficient inventory management system must be established before delving into an analysis.
Inventory Management System Features:

  • Tracking on-hand quantity for the most critical inventory items
  • Ability to integrate with the business’ accounting system without dual entry
  • Setting and adjusting quantity and value of inventory items
  • Simple yet effective reporting system for items indicating current quantity, value, # purchased and sold within a specific timeframe
  • Sales and receipt transactions

AccountingSuite was built with inventory management in mind. This highly organized platform suits businesses with well-tuned processes. Small businesses, therefore, stand to gain from its relative novelty in the marketplace. Using the above list of basic features, this is how AccountingSuite stacks up:

  • Tracking inventory is available to all categories of users. There is no segregation in this functionality
  • The inventory feature is built right into the software. No add-ons are required for this feature to function
  • AccountingSuite allows users to make required adjustments in quantity even after items are received
  • The software’s reporting system is extensive and this includes the inventory stock status by item report
  • Sales and receipt transactions are also available within AccountingSuite. Real-time inventory and item receipts are standard functions

Reporting System

  • Class Tracking and Reporting Enterprise Accounting
  • Sales by Item Report
  • Open Sales Order by Item Report
  • Quantity on Hand Location Report
  • Inventory Stock Status by Item Report
  • Open Purchase Orders by Item Report
  • Purchases by Item Summary Report
  • Universal Report
enterprise accounting software online bookkeeper

enterprise accounting software online bookkeeper bookkeeping project management inventory manufacturing

Information technology bookkeeping specialist online

IT bookkeeper using Connectwise Integration with Online bookkeeping for project management

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IT bookkeeper specialist online! Connectwise accounting integration. Support help desk tickets for information technology firms, project management, job costing for microbusiness, small business & enterprise level.  Call today to find out how we can take the headaches out of your bookkeeping and project management practices! Get paid faster by clients!  Outsource pieces or all of your accounting needs with a virtual bookkeeper controller solution.  Contact Green Cloud Accounting today!

Xero Project Management Job Costing added! Job Costing Online Solution

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Job costing Xero accounting software bookkeeping online virtual

Online project management job costing small business

Xero has heard the call of business owners that want project management capacities inside the online software.  Many industries use project tracking so this cloud based solution is a winner!  This will simplify tasks and save time.  Note this also applies to Non-Profit Program tracking and other sorts of classifications.  Engineers, Information Technology, Contractors of all kinds including construction, plumbing, electrician, HVAC, landscaping, digital marketing, web design and more!  Bookkeeping has never been this easy!

Xero Cloud Integrator

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Xero Cloud Integrator – Green Cloud Accounting in Escondido, CA serving the greater San Diego area, San Diego County, Orange County, Nationally and Multi-Nationally is proud to be a Xero accounting software cloud integrator.

Our extensive knowledge of add-on software and accounting technology can help your firm build a custom solution for your business needs.  Mobile time tracking, real time books and banking information, easy online payment solutions for customers and vendors, project management simplification and more!  Email us info@greencloudaccounting.com and find out how you can remove your administrative headaches!

You will love the easy and intuitive interface of Xero accounting software.  Find out why small business owners are switching to Xero for their cloud integration accounting needs today!

Money in, money out. Cash flow is one of the most important measures of your business’s health. But how do you monitor it?

It sounds simple to track sales on the one hand and expenses on the other – then compare the two. But a massive 65 percent of failed businesses say they closed down because of financial mismanagement, including issues such as lack of cash flow visibility. In other words, they didn’t know if they were making more than they were spending.

Cloud accounting software is generally sold on a flat monthly subscription. You don’t need to download anything and you can run it easily off your existing laptop, desktop or smartphone. You just sign up online and get started.

  • It can link to your business bank account (and point-of-sale system) to track sales and expenses as they happen, with no data entry from you.
  • Because the data comes straight from the bank, it’s clean and accurate.
  • Smart accounting software will also send out your invoices, so it shows what you’re owed.
  • The system pools all the data to create a dashboard of your financial situation, which is automatically updated every day.

Accounting and bookkeeping software probably only needs to save you one or two hours a month to pay for itself. In reality, it will do that many times over.

Exciting News!

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Green Cloud Accounting (US Local Outsourced Bookkeeping, Accounting Firm & Business / Non-Profit Consulting company) is Excited to announce that we will be bringing on some extremely talented and dedicated staffers and will be expanding our offerings this summer.  Stay tuned! 

Check in on our website also, we will be announcing and adding more information about our various business partnerships, add-on software solution options for your company, and additional services for areas such as payroll and human resources. 

  • Want to give your workers benefits but it seems too complex? It is so fast and easy and there are fewer ways to have great employee retention than offering extra benefits. 
  • Ready to talk about:
    • Migrating your accounting data to another software
    • Integrating add-on software to add functionality to your accounting software
    • Getting a plan to increase your sales / have a better grip on your company’s financial health?


Let’s talk today!  We service the entire United States and our staffers are locals.  We are proud to support and grow our local economy and yours by helping decision makers implement Better Business Practices and use environmentally friendly protocols.

  858.880.7065  md@greencloudaccounting.com


2016 – No Time Better to Switch!

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Have you been thinking of making a change to the cloud,  or using cloud add-on software services such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, Bill.com or TSheets?  We have experts in all of these areas ready to take your firm to the next level!  Whether you are looking for conversion, problem solving or new product implementation, partial or complete accounting, payroll and tax return outsourcing, we have your answers!  Call (858) 880-7065 – with headquarters located in Southern California, we proudly serve the entire United States with our top notch team.  Call now and find out how you can leave behind your accounting and workflow headaches with cloud outsourcing!

KPIs – Key Performance Indicators – Do you know how to use them?

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Does your business use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track the success of your programs?  Today’s technology makes it easy to use quantifiable statistics to measure how your business is performing, allowing you to pinpoint areas for improvement.  

Businesses and departments within businesses can use KPIs in many ways to chart the growth (or failure) of their business practices.  A Production managers might look at completion dates, quotas, costs and deadlines for their project.  A Sales Team manager wants to know about how many sales a worker has made, how much money per sale, and conversion rates. A Customer Service manager might want to see the length of calls, how many tickets were completed over time and how well the service is rated.

All of this valuable information (and more!) can be available at your fingertips as part of our service to you.  Contact us to learn more about how KPIs can take your business to the next level!