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Green Cloud Accounting is excited to partner with AccountingSuite for customers that need an affordable online ERP MRP enterprise accounting software bookkeeper service.  Their amazing software is built to scale and include a robust fully integrated inventory system and project management module…no add-on software needed!  Save money and use a better product to do your manufacturing, inventory-based or project accounting online.  Contact Us to get started on enterprise accounting ERP bookkeeping today!

To ensure the best integration with the accounting software, it is ideal that the inventory management system be built into the accounting application rather than an add-on. Additionally, if included, the cost savings are exponential. The basic features of an efficient inventory management system must be established before delving into an analysis.
Inventory Management System Features:

  • Tracking on-hand quantity for the most critical inventory items
  • Ability to integrate with the business’ accounting system without dual entry
  • Setting and adjusting quantity and value of inventory items
  • Simple yet effective reporting system for items indicating current quantity, value, # purchased and sold within a specific timeframe
  • Sales and receipt transactions

AccountingSuite was built with inventory management in mind. This highly organized platform suits businesses with well-tuned processes. Small businesses, therefore, stand to gain from its relative novelty in the marketplace. Using the above list of basic features, this is how AccountingSuite stacks up:

  • Tracking inventory is available to all categories of users. There is no segregation in this functionality
  • The inventory feature is built right into the software. No add-ons are required for this feature to function
  • AccountingSuite allows users to make required adjustments in quantity even after items are received
  • The software’s reporting system is extensive and this includes the inventory stock status by item report
  • Sales and receipt transactions are also available within AccountingSuite. Real-time inventory and item receipts are standard functions

Reporting System

  • Class Tracking and Reporting Enterprise Accounting
  • Sales by Item Report
  • Open Sales Order by Item Report
  • Quantity on Hand Location Report
  • Inventory Stock Status by Item Report
  • Open Purchase Orders by Item Report
  • Purchases by Item Summary Report
  • Universal Report
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