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Xero Cloud Integrator – Green Cloud Accounting in Escondido, CA serving the greater San Diego area, San Diego County, Orange County, Nationally and Multi-Nationally is proud to be a Xero accounting software cloud integrator.

Our extensive knowledge of add-on software and accounting technology can help your firm build a custom solution for your business needs.  Mobile time tracking, real time books and banking information, easy online payment solutions for customers and vendors, project management simplification and more!  Email us info@greencloudaccounting.com and find out how you can remove your administrative headaches!

You will love the easy and intuitive interface of Xero accounting software.  Find out why small business owners are switching to Xero for their cloud integration accounting needs today!

Money in, money out. Cash flow is one of the most important measures of your business’s health. But how do you monitor it?

It sounds simple to track sales on the one hand and expenses on the other – then compare the two. But a massive 65 percent of failed businesses say they closed down because of financial mismanagement, including issues such as lack of cash flow visibility. In other words, they didn’t know if they were making more than they were spending.

Cloud accounting software is generally sold on a flat monthly subscription. You don’t need to download anything and you can run it easily off your existing laptop, desktop or smartphone. You just sign up online and get started.

  • It can link to your business bank account (and point-of-sale system) to track sales and expenses as they happen, with no data entry from you.
  • Because the data comes straight from the bank, it’s clean and accurate.
  • Smart accounting software will also send out your invoices, so it shows what you’re owed.
  • The system pools all the data to create a dashboard of your financial situation, which is automatically updated every day.

Accounting and bookkeeping software probably only needs to save you one or two hours a month to pay for itself. In reality, it will do that many times over.